Flash Feathers is a set of advanced interface classes created by Inventor Dan Zen.

Dan Zen using Interactive Touch Screen

The links to Flash Feathers are at the right.  Beneath the links is a news feed about updates to any of the Flash Feathers series.

Feathers Blog RSS Aggregation

The code is provided as is.  You are welcome to leave comments with suggestions, questions, bugs reports, reviews, etc.  You can modify and use the code.  Please provide attribution with a link to this site where possible.

If the code is being used for commercial purposes you are welcome to leave a donation to help support the many hours of development mind power and creativity.  Click below to donate – it will only take two minutes.


On any of the Feathers sites, before you use the code, please see the Video Introduction.  Once viewing the video,  download the code with the download ZIP link at the left.  Unzip the file and read over the readme.txt for further instructions.

If you use the code, please let us know by selecting the Add Your Link in the Friends section at left.  We will then add a link to your feature or article, etc.  Your participation in any way possible is greatly appreciated.

All the best,

Inventor Dan Zen


Canadian New Media Awards Programmer of the Year 2002

Canadian New Media Awards Educator of the Year 2008

Dan Zen teaches Interactive Multimedia at Sheridan College in Canada

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