Flash Feathers Features Advanced Interface Solutions for Flash – Multitouch, Tilt, Multiuser, Sound Analysis, Blob Detection, Motion Cursor, Data Connection and Parallax


Flash Feathers is a collection of advanced interface classes in Flash.  Classes are what objects are made from in Object Oriented code.  So in other words, we have a bunch of code that lets your Flash games and applications do extra stuff.  On average, the Flash Feathers code you will have to use is about 5-10 lines of ActionScript per feature.  So the code is helpful for designers and developers will find it exciting too!

You only need to add 5-10 lines of Flash ActionScript!

Here is a summary of the Flash Feathers open source solutions:


  • ROBIN – multiuser chat and realtime game classes with Flash and PHP
  • FALCON – easy data transfer between Flash and server scripts
  • HUMMINGBIRD – parallax effect with mouse movement for 3D menus
  • GOOSE – multitouch emulator and processor with just Flash and Browsers
  • PENGUIN – tilt emulator and processor for tilt and translation apps
  • WOODPECKER – sound frequency and wave animation for MP3 and FLV
  • OSTRICH – motion capture so a cursor follows your Web cam motion
  • DODO – blob detection to provide blobs anywhere there is Web cam motion

Each Flash Feather has its own Blog with the name of the bird followed by flash then .wordpress.com.  The exception is Penguin which is plural – penguinsflash.wordpress.com.

http:// BIRDNAME flash.wordpress.com

Each site has:

  • an ABOUT page, a CODE example page and a VIDEO tutorial page at the top
  • an introduction in the top left column
  • a Download section at left with a link to the zip file(s)
  • a Donate area (Karmatja) which links through to paypal
  • a Friends section at the left to add your site if you use the Flash Feather
  • news about the specific Flash Feather in the blog area
  • links to all the Flash Feathers at the right
  • an aggregate news feed of all Flash Feathers at bottom right

The zip files come with:

  • readme.txt file with information about installing classes
  • a samples folder with example FLA and AS files
  • an icons Flash file with neat little icon components
  • a com/ folder that holds the packages and classes needed

Please let us know if you use any of the Flash Feathers and we will add you to the Friends area at left.  If you use the Flash Feathers for a commercial venture or would care to donate that would be super!


All the best and we hope you build exciting things!


Dan Zen


5 Responses

  1. Hello Dan. Thanks so much for making these classes available.

    One thing that’s not clear to me is whether these can be used in Flash Player 9?

    HummingBird, for instance, uses the Z property of movie clips, but I’m having trouble figuring out whether this is only supported with Flash Player 10.

    • Hi Patrick,

      As you pointed out, Hummingbird makes use of the z property so it is only supported by player 10 forward. This type of thing is possible in previous versions but the coding is different and more complicated.

      I think the other classes should work in player 9 – just trying to think… yes… I can’t think of any issues but if you come up with any – let us know ;-).

  2. Hi Dan, I uploaded a file to http://www.rawarchitects.com recently using HummingBird 3D Parallax.
    The file is 700kb so loading takes a few seconds. If you can help with a preloader that works with this, please advise. Also I would like to get this file to work by loading external 3D Parallax swf files into one main 3D Parallax home page.

    • Hi Kevin – sorry for the delay – just realized this was here. I have not done a preloader in a while. I used to use getBytesLoaded and getBytesTotal or something like that – now there is the UILoader with its various loading events and properties. There may be an issue loading in all your 3D stuff into the UILoader… Did you come up with a solution yet?

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